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Wednesday 9th March


Michael Buffong, artistic director of Talawa Theatre company (playwright)

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT

Join this Q&A with celebrated theatre director Michael Buffong ( Michael is the artistic director of Talawa Theatre Company. He has previously directed Private Lives, All the Ordinary Angels, Six Degrees of Separation, On My Birthday and the multi-award winning A Raisin in the Sun for the Royal Exchange Theatre. Most recently he has directed A Kind of People (Royal Court), Guys & Dolls, King Lear, and All My Sons (Talawa Theatre Company and Royal Exchange Theatre).


Michael Buffong.jpg

Journalism discussion on world affairs (panel debate)



17:00 GMT

This latest MDX Journalism Conversation on a power shift from East to West couldn't be more topical. What once seemed impossible is starting to look possible, as countries like China and Russia seek to influence both physical and digital realms.

Join an esteemed panel of experts discussing the latest implications and realities of a power shift with a focus on digital media and the use of soft power!


Gabriel Wisdom.jpg

Panel: Gabriel Wisdom and Kadisha Kaur-Singh: the power of story-telling in business

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 GMT

"Storytelling is a serious business. It's also a life skill and something employers are looking for in prospective employees. Learn more from successful businessperson, author and researcher Gabriel Wisdom, in discussion with Kadisha Kaur-Singh, who represents the ERIC employment service for young creatives."


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