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7th March

Francesca Barbini from Luna Press - Horror and Speculative Fiction


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9th March

Micheal Buffong (artistic director of Talawa Theatre company (playwright) - Join the Q&A


Journalism discussion on world affairs (panel debate)


Gabriel Wisdom and Kadisha Kaur-Singh - panel debate: the power of story-telling in business


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11th March

ERIC (Kadisha and CEO Mae) - employement service for young creatives for FREE

Screenshot 2022-03-01 124455.png

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8th March

Sammy HK Smith and Susannah Wise - Women's sci-fi panel debate


Kristell Ink and Bluemoose - panel debate: the publishing industry


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10th March

The interactive future of storytelling:

 Discussing writing for games with Alice Bowman

What does a mobile game have in common with a tabletop RPG or action-adventure?

Playing Game Together
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