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Micheal Buffong, a prominent theatre director in London and the artistic director of the Talawa Theatre Company, will be interviewed via Zoom on the 9th of March at 2:00 pm for the North London Story Festival. With Michael’s schedule often being extremely busy, it is an honor that  James Kenworth, a professor at Middlesex University and playwright, was able to book him for the event. He will be discussing his experience as a director in London, the Talawa Theatre Company, and what he is currently working on during the interview. 


Michael has directed a multitude of plays in London including, Six Degrees of Separation, A Raisin in the sun, All the Ordinary Angels, and Private Lives. His credits go further than the play stage though; additionally, he has been involved in movies, tv shows, and radio projects. According to Michael’s manager, he is currently “in [the] final rehearsals for Running With Lions,” (2022), a story about a British-Caribbean family struggling to overcome grief. 


The Talawa Theatre Company is the UK’s foremost black-led theatre company, focusing on reconceptualizing classics. The style of reinterpretation is one of Michaels's expertise often being referred to as being one of the best in the field at it. The company has produced a multitude of plays across London, and they continue to grow in strength and numbers yearly.


The North London Story Festival is an annual event hosted and produced by students at Middlesex University. The festival brings in an abundance of highly qualified speakers and interesting interviewees every year. This year the festival will be held from the 7th to the 11th of March and will primarily take place on zoom. 


There is one in-person seminar for the event, held on Friday the 11th of March at 12 pm. The session will focus on employment opportunities and will be hosted by ERIC, a company concentrated on helping young creatives decide the next steps in their career. 

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