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Interview with A J Dalton, the UK's leading author of metaphysical fantasy

A J Dalton (Adam) is the UK's leading author of metaphysical fantasy. In this recorded interview, Adam talks about his writing journey as well as the publishing industry. The interview is then followed by a Q&A led by his students.

His published works include The Book of Orm (2015), The Book of Angels (2016), The Book of Dragons (2017), The Book of Witches (2020), I Am a Small God (2017), Empire of the Saviours (2012), Gateway of the Saviours (2013), Tithe of the Saviours (2014), Necromancer's Gambit (2008), Necromancer's Betrayal (2009) and Necromancer's Fall (2010).

To find out more about Adam’s novels click here.

Follow Adam Dalton on Twitter: @AJDalton1

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